drophook Catch Card

You fish, that's probably how you ended up here. You love catching and the feeling of getting out into nature and enjoying time with family and friends. But what if you could love it even more?

By simply taking a photo of your catch with our Catch Card you can enter into our ongoing tournaments* on droophook and compete to win prizes from our sponsors, and sometimes even cash.

Love ninja fishing and travelling light? Leave the fish ruler or scale at home and use these cards in-app with our built in Fish Measurer*

Not only that, but when you join drophook you join a family of anglers from around the world who are passionate about the joy of fishing - sharing their best tips and tricks and catches in the feed. What you won't find is drama or pictures of peoples breakfast - just fishing.

With over 250 cards already sold, we have a solid team of anglers competing every week. Check out the tournaments on drophook - you can download it free here: drophook.com

*Using aspect ratio, each our cards can help you assess the fork-tail length without needing a fish ruler.

*Each drophook fish ruler card comes with a unique user ID for competing in tournaments.


Is there a unique identifier for the tournaments?

Yes - Each tournament has a unique ID Code which can be written on the card.

Do I have to buy a new card for each tournament?

No - You can use permanent marker & erase with hand sanitizer or isopropyl alcohol or use dry erase marker. You do not need to purchase a card for each tournament.

Is there an entry fee for the tournaments?

Each tournament is unique. Currently we are running free tournaments however we may do some paid tournaments with a split pot but you will not be required to participate nor be charged for it - only if you choose to enter. This version of our catch card is a one time only purchase.

Size :
One size fits all
Brand: drophook
Quantity per pack: 1
Listing created Oct 25, 2018

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